The Best and Powerful Windows Restore Software keeps your PC secure and gives you peace of mind.

Repair your corrupted Windows system with the best restore software. Get your PC running smoothly again, no matter where you are. Try it now.
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Powerful Windows Restore Software
comes with Advanced Features.

UQuick Free Software is more than just a Windows Restore Tool - it also includes these Important Features.

Instant Restore

Restore the windows to any snapshot in a few seconds, Anytime, Anywhere.

Disaster Recovery

Windows Restore folders and files from any crashed system state or any snapshot.

Instant Snapshots

Take a snapshot of the Windows O.S. within seconds (no reboot required).

Zero Disaster

Reverse any Windows crash within seconds (even if Windows cannot startup).

Difference Between Antivirus, Malware and UQuick Professional

Understanding the distinctions between antivirus, malware, and UQuick Professional is critical to ensuring the safety of your device. Let's eliminate any confusion and clarify these differences. Have you ever considered them before?
Antivirus Protection

Antivirus software protects computers by scanning and deleting viruses in real time.

  1. Virus Protection.
  2. Spyware Protection.
  3. Web Protection.
  4. Spam Protection.
  5. Firewall Feature.

Check out the full details.

Malware Protection

Malware protection adds an extra layer of defence for your computer and network.

Including Antivirus, Plus:

    1. Worms Protection.
    2. Trojan Protection.
    3. Ransomware Protection.
    4. Adware Protection.
    5. Spyware Feature.
    6. Logic Bombs Feature.
    7. Rootkits Feature.

Check out the full details.

UQuick Professional

We fix Windows and software issues, remove threats like viruses and malware, and resolve software and operating system errors.

Including Antivirus, Malware Plus:

    1. Virus, Malware, Spyware Protection.
    2. Startup Mini OS Feature.
    3. Windows Repair Feature.
    4. Software Repair Feature.
    5. Windows Error Repair Features.
    6. Registry Repair Feature.
    7. Windows Snapshot Protection.
    8. PC Performance Boost Feature.
    9. Data Encryption Feature.
    10. Stealth Mode Feature.
    11. Windows Update & Upgrades Turn Off Feature.
    12. Repair Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7 Within 10 Seconds.
    13. Repair Any Windows Software Within 10 Seconds.
    14. More than 10,000+ Windows and Software Error Repairs.

Check out the full details.

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UQuick Technologies India Limited | The Best And Powerful Windows Restore Software – UQuick
UQuick Technologies India Limited | The Best And Powerful Windows Restore Software – UQuick

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UQuick Technologies India Limited | The Best And Powerful Windows Restore Software – UQuick
UQuick Technologies India Limited | The Best And Powerful Windows Restore Software – UQuick

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