Milestones & Awards

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Milestones & Awards
Best Solution Provider in Cyber Security – 2023

Saurashtra IT-ITes Excellence Awards 2023 RITA was initiated to recognize the Innovation, Excellence, Success, and Achievement of various stakeholders of […]

Milestones & Awards
India 500 Startup Awards – 2022

INDIA 500 STARTUP AWARDS 2022 INDIA 5000 is a research group initiated and organized by Benchmark Trust, which has created […]

Milestones & Awards
Best Cyber Security Product Solutions Award – 2022

The GESIA Digital Management Conclave 2022 (5th Edition) was held on Friday, October 7, 2022, at Courtyard by Marriot, Satellite, […]

Our Award Winning Product

UQuick Professional 1 User / 1 Year


Sale 30%

What makes UQuick Professional better for your PC than any other antivirus?

1. Virus, Malware, Spyware Protection.
2. Startup Mini OS Feature.
3. Windows Repair Feature.
4. Software Repair Feature.
5. Windows Error Repair Features.
6. Registry Repair Feature.
7. Windows Snapshot Protection.
8. PC Performance Boost Feature.
9. Data Encryption Feature.
10. Stealth Mode Feature.
11. Windows Update & Upgrades Turn Off Feature.
12. Repair Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7.


Complete Windows System Restore Solution

While Windows System Restore can’t restore everything, UQuick Professional can restore everything at the sector level of your hard drive, even if Windows crashes. It sits below Windows and allows you to return when your system works without issues.

Daily Continuous Backup Solution

Backing up data is a crucial but time-consuming task many IT departments need help to keep up with. Even if backups are made, the amount of data loss can vary depending on how long the backup was taken. Minor issues like malware or software installations cause most PC disasters. To protect yourself from these issues, consider using UQuick Professional. This tool offers instant restore capabilities and can take automated snapshots in the background, each only taking seconds. With UQuick Professional, you can quickly restore your PC to a previous state in just the time it takes to restart it.

Software Uninstaller and Malware Remover

Uninstaller software, including Windows’ add/remove programs, often leaves remnants of the uninstalled application behind, leaving you at the mercy of the software author’s choices. However, UQuick Professional is a comprehensive solution that can restore your workstation to any previous snapshot, ensuring complete removal. Unlike anti-virus programs, which constantly play catch-up, UQuick Professional can undo viruses, returning your PC to a pre-infestation state. Additionally, UQuick Professional is widely used for safe software testing, allowing you to trial software without compromising your system’s integrity. With a 100% bit-level recovery guarantee, UQuick Professional ensures absolute uninstallation of any software or virus.

Day Zero Disaster Recovery

Imagine you’re in the middle of an important project when suddenly, your computer crashes and becomes completely unusable. To make matters worse, the last backup was taken over a week ago. However, with the help of UQuick Professional technology, you can restore your system to its state from a week ago without losing any data from your current crashed system. How is this possible? The Recover Files feature allows you to access files from your crashed system state, including the critical document you worked on. This feature is handy for organizations requiring immediate disaster recovery without downtime. With UQuick Professional, IT administrators can quickly return PCs to a fully functional state in just a few minutes without any data loss. This enhances productivity and helps ensure that work can continue without unnecessary interruptions.

Enterprise Level Network Administration

UQuick Professional streamlines network management for businesses. UQuick Technologies India Limited offers all clients a free network management console using UQuick Professional. The Remote Management Console (RMC) allows IT administrators to efficiently manage, configure, and oversee all UQuick Professional client installations remotely, making the network administrator’s role much more accessible. The RMC can remotely activate all client-based features through a LAN, WAN, or Internet connection for additional details on the RMC.

UQuick Technologies India Limited | Milestones & Awards

Additional information


1st Gen Intel Core or AMD Equivalent Processor (x86 or x64)

Operating Support

Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11.


4GB of RAM or above.

Hard Disk Space

100GB of free hard disk space for installation. including snapshot backup.

Internet Required

Additionally, you must have a working internet connection to activate the program over an Internet connection.


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