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If you're experiencing issues with a corrupted Windows system, don't worry - high-quality software solutions are available to help you recover your system.

Delivering peace of mind for your PC.

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Restore Solution

Complete Windows & Software Restore Solution


Virus, Malware, Spyware and Ransomware Remover


Enterprise Level Network Administration

Backup Solution

Daily Continuous Backup Solution.

UQuick offers unique features that allow you to quickly.
And efficiently secure your Windows system.

Once UQuick is installed on your PC, it will activate and provide
continuous protection with its various features around the clock.
Instant Restore

Quickly revert your Windows system to any saved snapshot within seconds, no matter where you are.

Instant Snapshots

You can now create new snapshots of your Windows OS within seconds without the need for a reboot.

New Snapshot Create

Create a complete system snapshot without restarting the system.

Previous Snapshot Rollback

You can refer back to previous snapshots from hours, days, weeks, or even months ago.

PC Performance

UQuick has minimal impact on computer performance and requires very few system resources.

Disaster Recovery

You can quickly recover folders and files from a crashed Windows system state or any snapshots.

Snapshot Validator

With the Snapshot Validator, you can verify and fix any issues with the integrity of your snapshots.

Kernel Mode

UQuick Pro instant recovery engine has Fast Recovery Mode and Space Saving Mode for quick and efficient use.

Windows Cannot Boot or Start

You can quickly reverse any snapshot in seconds, even if your system crashes or Windows fails to start.

Snapshot Encryption

Protect your Windows files with the latest snapshot feature, which uses 256-bit AES encryption technology.

Disable Windows Updates and Upgrades.

The system may slow down when updating or upgrading Windows, leading some users to consider resetting or formatting their PCs. These issues can also arise during Windows upgrades. To address this, UQuick Develop Features automatically turns off Windows updates and upgrades to ensure optimal PC performance and security.

Steps for Installing UQuick

To successfully install UQuick on your computer, It's essential to follow these three simple steps:

Look at our solutions and see for yourself
Which is the best fit for your needs.

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We suggest comparing our award-winning security solutions that provide real-world safety.
Product Validity
Windows Repair Features
Any Windows Restore.
Windows Drivers Restore.
Windows Errors Repair.
Any Software Restore.
UQuick Software Features
VMware Support
Protects the MBR
Exclusion Drive
Registry Exclusion
Access Control
Data Security
Virus, Trojan, Malware and Spyware Protection
Restore on Reboot
Mini OS Access
Ransomware Protection
Unlimited Snapshots
Exclude Files & Folders from Restore
Stealth Mode
Task Scheduler
Snapshot Validate
One Click Instant Update
Auto Turn Off Windows Update & Upgrades
Multiple Restore Points
Maximum Snapshots
Multiple Drive Support
Remote Management
Back Out From Baseline Update
Support Windows Operating System
Windows 11
Windows 10
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7
Support Windows Server Operating System
License Facilities from Support Team
Licenses Transfer Facility
Licenses Reset Facility
Support Facility
Online Technical Support 1 Year Validity
Online Technical Support via Email, WhatsApp Chat, WhatsApp Video Calling, Telephonic (India Only).
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1 Month Validity
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₹1999 ₹ 1399 $25 $ 17
1 Year Validity
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Lifetime Validity
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Award-Winning Windows Recovery Software

UQuick Technologies India Limited | Products

No software can recover every lost or deleted file

While no software can recover every lost or deleted file on Windows, UQuick Professional excels at retrieving Windows-supported files that even competing products fail to locate.

UQuick Technologies India Limited | Products

UQuick Professional recovers lost Windows files quickly and easily

UQuick Professional recovers lost Windows files quickly and easily with filters, preview options, and deep scan mode. Retrieve your lost images, videos, songs, documents, emails, and archive files effortlessly.

UQuick Technologies India Limited | Products

UQuick Professional is a powerful Windows Recovery tool

UQuick Professional is a powerful Windows recovery tool with advanced features, a user-friendly interface, and a fast and deep windows restore tool.

Taj Mahal Palace

Mumbai - INDIA

Errors are Repaired in Minutes

We have installed UQuick Professional in our Taj Mahal Palace, bcz in Mumbai Local Computer are not coming on Time and Take much more time to Repair. After UQuick Install, all the Windows errors are repaired in minutes. Nice Work UQuick.
Sun Plastics Industries

Rajkot - INDIA

My Computer Running Error-Free, Private and Secure

UQuick Professional seemed to know more about keeping my computer running error-free, private and secure. UQuick ran comprehensive error-check, update and repair programs quickly, offered repairs and did them quickly and apparently correctly. My computer runs fine, better than before. I am not getting any error messages or problems now.
Captiva Ceramic

Morbi - INDIA

This was Unbelievably Helpful

I have already installed UQuick, but I need to learn how to recover Windows. This was unbelievably helpful. I just called in support, and they recovered my OS in a couple of seconds. Thanks so much.

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

1. What is UQuick Professional?

UQuick Professional is a tool for Windows that functions like a Time Machine. With UQuick Professional, users can quickly undo any problems on their Windows PC by reverting it back to the previous hour, day, week, or month. Even if the Windows operating system fails to start up, UQuick Professional can still be used.

2. How does UQuick Professional Work?

UQuick Professional’s heart lies in a technology enabling PC snapshots and instant recovery. This snapshot is designed with the principle of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) in mind. With UQuick Professional, you can quickly recover files from snapshots and even roll back the system to a snapshot within seconds.

3. What is a Snapshot?

A snapshot is a “picture” of the PC at a given time. A snapshot contains 100% of OS, programs, settings and user data. Technically speaking, a snapshot is a map of the complex drive sectors and the map’s indexing system based on very complicated algorithms.

4. Is a Snapshot a Backup Image of the Drive?

It’s important to note that taking a snapshot is not the same as creating a backup.

5. How much Disk Space does UQuick Professional need for taking a snapshot?

A snapshot is a partial backup of files on the hard drive. It records all the data movements on the hard drive when the snapshot was taken.

6. Doe UQuick Professional Support 64-bit Windows OS and UEFI BIOS?

Yes, UQuick Professional supports both MBR disk and GPT disk, legacy BIOS and EFI BIOS.

7. Can i install UQuick Professional on dual boot system?

You must select Custom Setup and install UQuick Professional on each OS. Check for details in the UQuick Professional User’s Guide.

8. Does UQuick Professional take Data to a Server or any Cloud Server?

UQuick Professional doesn’t take any data to the server or any Cloud Server. All snapshots will be stored in your local Hard Disk only.

9. Can I schedule UQuick Professional to take automatic snapshots?

You can easily schedule tasks to take snapshots at various intervals, including every hour, daily, weekly, upon PC startup, first boot up of the day or before running a program.

10. Can I use UQuick Professional if Windows fails to boot up?

UQuick Professional has a recovery console that works before your Windows OS starts. This feature allows you to take snapshots and recover your system. To access the Recovery Console, press the HOME key once the UQuick Professional splash screen appears during boot-up.

11. What kind of problems can UQuick Professional fix?

UQuick Professional can resolve any Windows and software problems in just a few seconds.

12. I don't have UQuick Professional installed. I am having problems with my PC. Can I use UQuick Professional to recover my PC?

No, UQuick Professional is a proactive protection solution. Not a reactive recovery solution.

13. What UQuick Professional supports operating systems and file systems?

32 and 64 bits of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and WIndows 11. FAT32 and NTFS.

14.What UQuick Professional supports operating systems and file systems?


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